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Big Display Weighing Indicator

Big Display Weighing Indicator

Big Display Weighing Indicator
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Update TimeJul 15,2024
Detail Information

Name: Big display weighing indicator



1. Brand new big display indicator.

2. 80mm height display, easy reading.

3. LCD and LED display selectable.

4. Cell capacity shows.

5. Checking weighing with alert light.

6. Date and time displays when in save mode.

7. Up to 8pcs loadcell connected.

8. Bluetooth or Wireless parts selecatble.

9. With plastic bracket and battery.10.With RS232(add $3).


1. Power:12VDC, AC adapter or transformer, 6V,4.0 Ah rechargeable battery.

2. Excitiation Voltage:5V DC, 4*350Ω or 8*1000Ω loadcells.

3. Input signal range: -5~15mv.

4. Resolution:Internal resolution:300000,display resolution:300000.

5. System Linearity: within 0.01% full scale.

6. LCD display: 6 digits/80mm LCD, wide angle glass. LED display: 6 digits/80mm LED, red or green selectable.

7. Weigh Units: kg, lb, t, g, pcs.

8. Statues Annunciator: stable, zero, gross, net, charging.

9. Keyboard: 6 keys: ON/OFF, TARE, ZERO, MODE, M+, MR.

10. Operation Temperature:-5~40 celcius degree.

11. Option parts: RS-232, RS-485, Bluetooth, Wireless, Terminal Printer.

12. Weight: 2.5KG

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